Friday, December 08, 2006

Realtors are finished!!!!

Realtors are done. Richard Barton, founder of Expedia, is going to send them where he sent the Travel Agents. as of yesterday is now a user-generated content similar to popular networking sites such as MySpace. You can now advertise you home **for sale** in two ways. "Make Me Move" and "For Sale". You can add photos of your house for sale. A Red Flag shows on the map over your house when you post it for sale. It is free just like

The move will allow homeowners and real estate agents to add properties’ **for sale** with photos, descriptions, improvements and selling price to Zillow., founded by Barton and Lloyd Frink, another former Expedia executive, has created a compendium of individual home pages, with price estimates and aerial photos, for 67 million homes in the U.S. Ultimately, Zillow would combine elements of free listings site Craigslist, social-networking site MySpace and online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

The site has 3.5 million unique users, and 252,000 have signed in and amended their home records. Zillow faces competition from a number of real estate sites, such as and, although the company says it is the only major user-generated property website, other than some property blogs.

Do you think this will kill the Realtors. Please respond!!


Blogger justme said...

They are soooo *toast*.
Just like stock brokers.

11:12 PM  
Blogger AnalysisGuy said...

Yeehaw! Let's rid the world of all real estate agents! Okay, just most. They were WAY overpaid!

Also, I released today’s FREE report on Chicago. And it's a fairly normal market - that's strange for us CA natives... It joins prior FREE reports on Boston, Bakersfield, San Francisco, Seattle & Los Angeles.

1:24 PM  
Blogger vfsv said...

The RE people seem to already be manipulating the data, so maybe Zillow will help.

We track DQ & find reported y-o-y percentages are reported as different than what the actual facts would show.

The latest set of corrected Silicon Valley RE stats are now posted at:


4:18 PM  

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