Monday, December 31, 2007

Redfin's new study: better ways to sell your home

Redfin's 7 sales tactics

Don't shoot too high: Homes priced right to begin with often to sell for more than those that have to come down from an unrealistic initial price.

Price for the Web: Prices just over a certain threshold, such as $350,000, will be excluded from Web searches capped at that amount, cutting potential views by as much as 7 percent.

List on Friday: A study showed listings appearing on Friday get an average of 7.7 percent more visitors in their first week than those hitting the market on Thursday, which is the worst day.

Stay engaged: Studies show engaged sellers tend to sell their homes faster and for more money than typical sellers.

Market online: Post listings to sites that do not get automatic feeds from multiple listing services. A study showed each Craigslist posting, for instance, generates 11.9 visits to a listing's Redfin page.

Don't move: A study found sellers of vacant homes are 9.5 percent more likely to cut their prices than occupied homes.

Wait until nearby foreclosures are off the market: A study found a foreclosure costs neighboring sellers an average of $5,000.


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