Sunday, October 01, 2006

Contra Costa: Days on the market

While the inventory of available properties for sale had just begun its seasonal retracement (see Thursday, 9/28/2006 chart below), the number of days worth of inventory had been going in the opposite direction. Two prior peaks shown on our exclusive DOI (Days of Inventory) chart occurred in January of the past 2 consecutive years. We're only at the end of September this year, and the DOI had already surpassed the previous highs. This history tells us that DOI could reach a much higher level come January 2007.


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Silicon Valley prices are definitely softening. Feel free to drop by & see for yourself:

Santa Clara County:

San Mateo County:

Santa Cruz County:

Our most-recent, "The Last 30 days," is at:
"Al RE is local," for real-world examples, is at:


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